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A Ripper 2022 For Rosedale

On behalf of the Rosedale Chamber of Commerce, we'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! Though 2022 seemed to fly by, our beautiful town had some major growth this year and has a wonderful momentum to take us into 2023.

Here are some brief highlights!

A quick look at some new businesses to join our main street. The Rosedale Ink Gallery, Mavor Chiropractic, Walter's Cafe and Bar, Garden Station, CB Livestock and Property. We've welcomed new owners pouring love into Del Jardin and are looking forward to the reopening of our beloved Pub!

We've had a hugely successful year in real estate, with more families choosing to make our town their home, more investment properties selling and a strong rental market. Well done to Fleur, Russell and the team at Latrobe Valley Real Estate.

Our community spirit is thriving! "There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about" - Margaret J Wheatley. It's clear that the town of Rosedale cares about community members living well, with purpose and in harmony. If you want to know more about our community visit the Rosedale Neighbourhood House who do a great job of highlighting and caring for our community.

Our local farm gates and producers are also continuing to develop, making Rosedale a central point for some of Gippsland's finest produce! Watch this space!

Masterchef Khanh Ong from Wild Food (SBS Food) visiting local producer's surrounding Rosedale

Farm gates and producers surrounding Rosedale. Gippsland's freshest produce.

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